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Recently I was sitting in my study. It is one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is there where I can be quiet. It is a place to think, plan and to write.

I was looking for a particular pen. I usually use a fountain pen, but today I was looking for another pen. I simply could not find it. It’s interesting how we allow little things to frustrate us at times.

Half an hour later I packed some things up from the study and there I found my pen—in obvious sight!

It was there all the time. I was just too rushed and distracted to notice it.

In many areas of life you already have what you need to function well. Don’t overlook those talents, ideas, thoughts that keep on coming back to you.

Your thoughts, beliefs and words about three areas in your life must be consistently positive. The three areas I am talking about are: spirit, mind and body

Take an inventory this week of what you already have that you may have overlooked up until now. Then put what you already have to more consistent use. It will bear fruit and I heard someone say that success is measured by how much fruit we bear.

I would add to that “in a balanced way” —spirit, mind and body.

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