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Have you ever watched yourself on video?

Do not look at yourself in the mirror. Do not look at a recent photograph. Why? Because if you truly want to see and hear yourself as others see you, you will need a video.

For example, how is your posture? Do you pay attention to your dress code and grooming? How do you carry your body? Do you smile or do you frown? Are you a good listener? Do you pay attention to the person who is trying to tell you something? Are your words uplifting? Are you confident enough or over-confident?  Pay attention to the tone of your voice—this is not to preach but to remind all of us how important non-verbal communication may be.

I read somewhere that a sociologist is someone who watches the reaction of people in the room when beautiful woman walks in.

I must be part sociologist because at a recent conference I attended I could not help but notice that the most influential people in the room were those who carried their bodies with confidence; they smiled often; their words were optimistic and hopeful; they listened well and when they spoke to the whole room they projected their voice at just the right volume to have an effect on their audience.

To live a life that will inspire others, consider watching yourself on video—not to be vain, but to set a fine example and bring out the best in those around you.

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