What are your Lessons?

The most important lesson my dad ever taught me was respect

Willie Mays, Baseball Player

When it is Father’s Day we focus on how important fathers are. Some sociologists even claim a father is more important than a mother. I think that kind of logic is like arguing which leg is more important: the left leg or the right leg.

Both a father and a mother matter a great deal in terms of shaping a child’s psyche.

Willie Mays who played for the

English: New York Giants centerfielder and Hal...

English: New York Giants centerfielder and Hall of Famer Willie Mays in a 1954 issue of Baseball Digest. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Giants shared a story about his dad. Apparently there was another boy who always wanted to take Willie’s sandwich from him when he was just six years old. Willie told his father “I am going to whup that boy” But his dad said “No son you are not. You are going to give him your sandwich and ask for half of it back. The boy may be hungry and he does not want to admit it”

Willie did what his dad told him to do and to his utter amazement it worked……the boy gave ½ of the sandwich back. The two boys ended up as best friends.

Willie claims that throughout his life as a professional ball player the lesson his dad taught him was the most important lesson. It made him into a man known not only for his baseball skills but also for being generous.

Meanwhile a young boy who grew up in Brooklyn later in life became a multibillionaire after buying a small little coffee shop in Seattle. Howard grew up in poverty in New York but his mother was always there to encourage him and tell him he could do whatever he wanted to do. To this day Howard Schultz the man known for making Strabucks a great success claims that it was his mom’s encouragement that started his success.

Here is a question you may want to consider: What lessons are you teaching your children today? It’s not always through our words but also through our actions that we impart values for life. Next time you buy an item at Starbucks remember Howard Schultz’ mother

And also remember these words by Willie Mays: “Show Respect and Miracles can happen”

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