What do you do with your nuts?

This is a story about nuts. Your nuts. Our nuts.
Not so long ago I was at a blissfully useful conference on the topic of cognitive behavioral therapy. I learned a lot about incorporating CBT in my daily clinical work, and also in my work as a life coach.
This conference got me thinking about my nuts—and your nuts too.
It all began with what the speaker called “time capsules.”  I am not sure if you create these capsules and it may not be something you use frequently either.
Time capsules are your own brief notes on what you learned in one hour—encapsulated in one or two sentences. These capsules are then kept where you can review them later. 
But let me ask you what do you do with your nuts?
Nuts are what squirrels store away for later use. The nuts are there to nourish later.
Only one problem………
  • Where do you store your key resources?


  • How quickly can you retrieve them?


  • Are they on your laptop which goes wherever you go?


  • Are they on another electronic device?


  • Are they neatly filed away in a drawer at home a few thousand miles from where you are attending a conference?


  • Do you promise to email them to a friend later and then get distracted?


  • Does it bother you that you cannot be better organized?


Here is an action step you may want to consider in order to reduce future frustrations and save time.

Find a system where your key resources are kept for easy future access; where you can locate them in less than five minutes and use either for yourself or to be shared with a friend who may also find it useful.
I personally have decided that my laptop and cell phone are with me most of the time and I created a system that works for me. It is not perfect. But it is a start and so far it seems to work well.
The less we fret over being disorganized at times, the more energy we will have to use for other important activities.
Have fun with deciding where to park your nuts.


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