What do you see in the mirror?

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Every day we look into the mirror at least once. Regardless of whom we are or what our status is in life, we must face the mirror.

I reflected on this blog quite a bit. It is the 100th. It is a milestone.

If there is one thing I hope Life By Example will accomplish then is to get you to think about what you believe in the most. Once you have established what that may be then the next step is simple….be consistent in pursuing that dream or value.

Steven Jobs, the spark plug of Apple, clearly had one thing in mind: to be the best in his field and to design tools that will change the way we think about music, movies, computers and telephones. Before he died recently he commented about his fight to beat pancreatic cancer: “In the end I ran out of weapons but I had fun fighting this for the past few years”

There are three areas that matter a great deal to me: family, fitness and faith. My goal is to always be consistent in those three areas. For you it may be a business development. Or it may be to tell as many people as possible to eat healthy every day and to give them the tools to do that.

My challenge with blog #100 is to get you to see yourself in the mirror and to say to yourself “I know exactly what matters the most to me; I will pursue it with a passion and do it consistently”

Norman Vincent Peale wrote a booklet I keep by my bed stand. In it he reminds me to the extent that we believe in something, we will either fail or succeed. He quotes Christ who said “According to your faith shall it be done to you.”

Check in the mirror. Look yourself in the eyes. Ask yourself:

What is the level of my belief in life?

 Thank you for visiting this site and reading the 100th posting….Thank you for trusting me to give you ideas on how to live consistently by example

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    Thank you for your time in sharing your wisdom.

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