What Drives You: Rules or Relationships?

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Human beings can alter their lives by altering the attitudes of their minds. ~ William James

You flip through the channels on TV and a passionate speaker talks about why people are not interested in organized religion. He says it is because religious churches are more focused on rules, regulations, and codes of conduct. Boring stuff indeed. You think he may be correct, bull’s-eye in fact.

Then you hear him say churches that grow are churches are those that teach about relationships – relationships with the Creator and relationships with people. It is not about rules and how well you follow them; instead, it is about being motivated by love rather than by rules.

Perhaps we can apply this outside of churches where it matters most – even more so in the real world – and that is with our families.

Ponder this question: Do you fulfill the roles you do as spouse and parent because you are obligated to do so or are you motivated by love? Are you motivated by relating to them in love rather than doing what society says you should do (rules)? Do you say, “I get to drive my kids all over.” or do you say, “I have to do it.”?

I am not sure if you know the Bible tells us that “Love never fails.” Even if you have never read it or do not believe in the Bible, it is still worth meditating on those three words: Love never fails.

I cannot think of a better way to live your life by example than being

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