Not so long ago I experienced a high.

I tend to do that often—getting high.

Usually I do it early in the day. My days are long and draining, so I figured the best time to get high is before I see my patients.

I am talking about using something natural. One can cultivate it. Its legal.

I am talking about what psychologists call a flow state; others call it a peak state.

Runners call it a natural high—an endorphin rush.

It happened while I attended a conference in Arizona where it seems to be almost always sunny and warm. I had a few extra hours before the conference started and so I laced up my Nikes, monitored my pulse using a Fit Bit. Not long into my run, I passed an area where the grass was freshly cut. The smell was amazing. Birds were singing. I felt the warm sun on my face. Two hours felt like 2 minutes and I lost my sense of time.

A few days later I enjoyed dinner with a friend of mine who is also a doctor. He is going through some family difficulties. But his playtime is rowing and his description of how this activity soothes his mind impressed me greatly.

My point is simple: no matter how busy we are, each one of us gets an opportunity to decide:

Do I take some time out and play or do I stay on the proverbial treadmill of working 12 hours every day?

My challenge this week is very specific and simple:

  • Do I know what playtime energizes me?
  • If I know, how often do I allow myself to engage in that activity?
  • What will I do if I feel guilty when the inner bully tells me “You are selfish, and you should play less often; work harder; you are needed by those who depend on you for your help”

Please fell free to tell me in one sentence what you get out of following your joy.

Meanwhile, Keep Moving Forward and do it every day.

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