What gets you excited?

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 Because I live in one of the world’s coldest climates, I am blessed. Here is why: I can get excited 100% of the time. In over three decades, it has always been the case of 100% excitement for 100% of the time.

Recently, while flying above the Holly wood sign as the plane approached the LA airport, I could not help but notice those iconic white letters reflecting the blazing California sunshine. As always I was excited just to see the sun.

Why you may ask? The reason is I am deprived of sunshine and heat. So, whenever my travels take me to sunny warm parts of the planet, I get excited.

It’s a rather silly analogy, some may say, but here is my question: What excites you today?

It is fine if you do not come up with an answer right away. However, my challenge to you is to come up with an answer soon because never being excited about anything means you are enduring life, you are not enjoying life. That is a waste because each one of us has something useful to offer.

Know your passion and know your cause, then simply be yourself. If you are blessed to already know your passion and why you are here on Earth, here is another challenge: take it to a higher level, not so much for yourself, but also to help others.

Your example when you get excited can infect many. Live by example and make sure it’s good.

I forgot to add, other than enjoying a break from grey skies and cool air, I also get excited over my Creator, my family, and my fitness. Faith, family, and fitness mean a lot to me.

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  1. Ken Mar 07 at 12:30 am - Reply

    I get excited when PN enters a conversation. Many questions and lots of unexpected outcomes. Exciting

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