What have you Lost?

Travelling can be hard or it can be a total joy.

I fit into the group of travellers who enjoy every minute of it. Maybe its the romance that comes with it—-for example, early today I saw the most stunning sunrise above the clouds. I was on a Boeing 767 flying east at 35000 feet toward the west coast of England. Now I am the airport lounge at the Frankfurt airport, on my way to visit my dad in Capetown. He is fighting newly diagnosed cancer

While here I read in the paper that people tend to lose all kinds of things when they travel. The most common items are watches , rings and clothes. In hotel the most common item that gets lost or left behind is  a cell phone charger. Sometimes the paper said other things to do with intimacy are found or left behind.

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Frankfurt’s airport always impressed me. It do so again today. I would recommend Lufthanse Airlines to anyone who wants to be impressed by solid service.

Here is my method of not losing things when I travel. Have a check list and check twice. Also be aware that when you travel you get tired, lose focus and you have to deal with sudden distractions. I only lost something once. It was at the Chicago airport. It may not have been as valuable as the Superbowl ring or the $15,000 engagement ring that was reported lost in the newspaper story I read. But to me it was important—it was gift to me. Its a binder where I keep key notes and memorabilia

However its amazing that at one of the world’s busiest airports they found my binder and mailed it to me–free of charge. Talk about customer service!

Safe travels to you wherever you may go, and especially so for my American friends as we closer to Thanksgiving

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