What is your Passion?

You are lying in bed and your child rushes into the room doing his best to wake you up. You wonder why. He tells you “Mom there is a man on TV who has a dog named “Happy”. He told me to come and get you out of bed!”

This is what happened to some mom’s between 1950 and 1970. I am talking about the fitness guru Jack Lalanne who lived his live by example. Jack died in January 2011 at the age of 96. He was also known as “the godfather of fitness who brought exercise to the masses”

In his obituary I read about how he had a show on TV helping people to exercise. No special equipment was needed—just a chair and a towel. He did have a dog named “Happy” and he did tell kids to wake up their mothers and drag them in front of the TV. He had passion and worked tirelessly to get others off the couch.

Here are some of his quotes:

—“I never think of my age, never. I could be 20 or 100. I never think about it, I’m just me”

—“The only way to hurt the body is not to use it. Inactivity is the killer. Remember it is never too late”

—“I can’t afford to die. It would wreck my image”

He did die but his image will live on—it is not wrecked at all. Why? Because Jack Lalanne had a passion for something.

Your passion for something, whatever it may be, will help you live a life by example.

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