When the Road Forks—Power of Words

Franck Sedgman

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I want to tell you a story about a boy and a girl. The girl is from Australia and the boy from Puerto Rico

Both have one thing in common—see if you can find it

Girls first: She grew up close to a tennis court and picked up old, lost tennis balls. She did not have a racquet. Instead she used a piece of wood and hit the balls against a wall. Sometimes she was known to sneak onto the tennis court, through a hole in the fence, after hours, when nobody was around.

Soon the caretaker and coach at the private club noticed Margaret’s talents when she hit some balls with boys who were members at the exclusive club. Later her path intersected with a famous tennis coach, Frank Sedgman. Other coaches dismissed her as “too scrawny”. Sedgman agreed she was scrawny, but instead he said something different

 Sedgman spoke ten words that changed Margaret’s life: “You could be the first Australian women to win Wimbledon

Now the boy: Chi-Chi lived close to a golf course. Late at night he would look for lost balls and with a stick, pretending to use it as a golf club, he practiced some putting. He fell in love with the game and became a caddy. American soldiers used the golf course and one day Chi-Chi was spotted by one of these players. He noted the talent and potential in this young boy. He offered to pay for the boy to get a coach and told him “One day you will play in PGA tournaments”

Fast forward to a few years later and both these kids left a mark as adults. Margaret Court as a three-time Wimbledon champion and the winner of a number of grand slam tournaments and Chi-Chi Rodriquez the winner of numerous PGA events.

What a person believes and confesses about his or her own life matters a great deal. But, as you can see from the above story, both benefited from words of encouragement by an adult.

Can you make up your mind today—not tomorrow—but today, who you will encourage as you live your life by example? Will you use words to build others up or tear them down? It is your call—the ball is in your court.

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