When You are Judged

Not so long ago I heard a powerful story.

It was about a donkey, an old man and his grandchild.

They were making their way to a village and the grandfather told the boy to ride the donkey. Soon after they started their journey, people critized them. “How selfish of the little child to let his poor grandfather walk” The grandfather, stung by this criticism, then got onto the donkey and asked the child to walk.

But then people complained. “How inconsiderate of the old man and how cruel to let an innocent child walk that far”

Both got on the donkey……….but that did not work either, for they were judged again:  “Look at how those two people are mean to the donkey. They are too heavy for one donkey”

By the time they got to the village, the donkey was carried by the old man and his grandchild…..

The point of this story? No matter what you do, there will always be people quick to judge you. The solution is to search your heart and know your motives. Then run your own race on purpose and ignore well-meaning, unsolicited advice

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