When you die….. then what?

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Not so long ago I read about a woman who was born in 1918. She lived a full life. She died this year at age 93. She was married to a well known person; a leader; a former football player.

Time magazine ran a piece on her when she passed away. It was said that this lady formed an intimate bond with the people who lived in her country. She did a marvelous job in keeping her famous husband grounded. In turn he loved her very much.

In fact when she was diagnosed with cancer and needed surgery he left all his responsibilities and flew to the hospital. He was devastated by the bad news. He waited in her room while she underwent surgery. According to Time magazine when doctors had a news conference they said: “This lady demonstrated an inner strength that sustained not only her family and close staff, but also the doctors”

Before I tell who this lady was, let me remind you why I decided to launch this site: to help you figure out on your own if you want to live a life by example. Perhaps by now—6 months into the life of this site—you may be convinced it matters. The point of this week’s inspiring story is to get you to reflect on what others will say about you one day when you too will come to the end of the journey here on earth

Oh, I almost forgot….the lady I have written about is known as First Lady, Betty Ford. She also founded the Betty Ford Center in California, a place where many addictions were broken. She knew about addictions as a former struggler with alcohol excess. When life gave her a lemon the way she made lemonade caught the eye of millions.

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