When Your Pants Are On Fire

In the West, Kumis has been touted for its hea...

In the West, Kumis has been touted for its health benefits, as in this 1877 book also naming it "Milk Champagne". (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Going to conferences, a few times every year, serves two purposes

—I can escape from living in a weird climate where the odds are excellent for these three conditions all year round……wind, clouds, and temperatures far below room temperature 90% of the year

—I get to learn much about nutrition, fitness and prevention. It reminds me of being able to watch a high definition TV, big screen and in bright colors……way better than a small black and white TV on the kitchen counter!

A few years ago at a conference in Memphis I listened to Dr David Katz, a Yale doctor I respect and admire. He was talking about how academic doctors love to do research and base all they do on evidence. Obviously that is the right thing to do if you are into an academic way of living. But then Katz said something I shall always remember:

“You do not need research to tell you to get a bucket of water when your pants are on fire”

When you visit this site you will notice Wednesdays tend to be the one day of the week where I, as a physician, share my thought on wellness. I call it ‘Wednesday Wellness

This week I am encouraging you to consider the value of good bacteria, called probiotics. They work well for limiting diarrhea. A great idea if you ever end up with the “runs” while visiting a foreign country.

When I read in Dr Ornish’s book “The Spectrum” that in the Bible and sacred books of Hinduism mention was made of the health benefits of fermented products it struck me like a bolt of lightning: although these people of ancient times did not know how probiotics in fermented products such as yoghurt, kefir and koumiss exactly work….they knew it worked.

To learn more about probiotics, read Dr Ornish’s book or visit the website www.medlineplus.gov



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