Who are your five people?

While reading a book The Art of Connection recently, I was reminded of a truth I already read about elsewhere. “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” 

Here are my five people and why:

1.First of all my wonderful wife and also a physician who taught me how to endure in quiet confidence and to be more attentive to details.

2. Norman Vincent Peale who continues to teach me that we become what we think.

3. Jesus Christ who teaches me to be kind to all and to look at everyone’s needs through the eyes of compassion.

4. Alan Cohen who introduced me to life coaching and who taught me how to be free from fear and focused on love instead. Alan also teaches me how to write from the heart.

5. Ron Epstein who teaches me on how doctors and caregivers must attend more in order to serve well and avoid burnout and mental fatigue. 

So perhaps you are today quite happy with your five people. (By the way it can be six or seven I suppose, but limiting it to five helped me to think of the top five—the most influential.) 

Or maybe you are hanging out with peers who always complain about how unhappy they are at work? 

I invite you to choose wisely.

You already choose wisely which questions to ask of your patients, which tests to run and which advice to share. 

Now it is time to choose for yourself……..who do you chose to associate with so as to help you move forward toward reaching a place of inner peace as a healer?

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