Who is on your team?

Recently I had dinner in a fine Italian restaurant in Houston. We were seated close to the kitchen which was behind a huge window. Behind the soundproof window, all kinds of employees were hard at work—almost like a beehive. I had to post a picture of that on this site (see under Twit Pic), because it struck me that we all must have in our families and communities a clear understanding of who is on our team.

As a busy mom by now I hope you have experienced the value of the weekly Sunday night huddle. Just like Super Bowl teams will huddle this week before they execute their plays, it helps to have a plan before the week begins of what you want to do in the days ahead

Remember that although it is said the man is the head of the house, the woman is the neck. Be sure who will throw the ball and when; be sure there is a receiver and be sure someone blocks the key player, the quarterback. Quite often it is a mom who quarterbacks so many activities so well week after week

—Keep the huddle short—no more than 7 minutes

—Decide on only 4 areas you will be working on (perhaps being more intentional in your efforts to stay fit daily; perhaps getting to that book on your shelve again—the one who spoke to you many years ago, but you have been too busy to review it; perhaps getting more organized by using an electronic device with more options to remind you of deadlines and with a calendar that can keep you on track)

—Once your game plan is drawn up, put it where you can see it daily. The fridge may work because we open its door at least once a day. The bed stand may also work because we look at it before we retire for the day. The bathroom mirror may be another option—we brush our teeth at least once a day!

In the end it is hard to life a life by example all on your own. Over 100 million people will watch the Super Bowl this week. Those who watch you as you live by example will be less, but if you know who is on your team, it will inspire them to score their own touch downs…or if you are not into football, to simply live by example.

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      Thank you for visiting the site—my goal is to give ideas and hope to busy moms.

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