Will You Stop at Sunrise?

Sunrise in bog

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When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was “Take Time for Sunsets

But I say Stop at Sunrise.

A few days ago I was doing what I always do at sunrise—run. However I was stopped dead in my tracks, because to the East the sun peeked over the horizon and right in front of me was a straight orange line on a lake similar to the one in the movie “On Golden Pond

I stopped and admired this stunning event. I looked West and saw a full moon getting ready to set. The sun and the moon—both bright and both in balance.

Here is how you can balance your life and be bright at the same time:

                KNOW YOUR PURPOSE

As soon as you do that, all becomes simple; really uncomplicated and uncluttered. Because if money issues, relationships, time management, your fitness and your beliefs all are seen against one single backdrop, you will never be disturbed.

 So simply ask this: How will this person or event impact my purpose? Is my purpose an example to others for good or bad?

My encouragement today is, next time you see a sunrise, ask yourself if the day that is to follow the sunrise will be one where you are in sync with your purpose. And by the way, whatever your purpose may be, here is one other suggestion: Stick to it. Be consistent.

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