Depiction of Dorando Pietri staggering across ...

Depiction of Dorando Pietri staggering across the finish line of the 1908 Olympic marathon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is a book out currently, called VB6, written by Mark Bittman, who is well respected and also writes for the New York Times.

VB6 talks about being a vegetarian before 6pm.

So what is WW4U?

It is my encouragement to you to find out What Works For You.

Let me explain…..I have two goals at this time regarding my running

—Run marathon number 100 by age 60 (I am now at number 86 and three years are left to do the remaining 14 marathons)

—Run every day for the rest of my life (today is day 1256 of running every day)

This is what works for me in terms of staying healthy; being proactive; watching what I eat; managing stress; dealing with difficult people; raising moody teenagers ; being a husband to my wife of 23 years; seeing patients in two clinics and dealing with excuses which are so easy to come up with)

Running, the way I decided, works for me and helps me manage life.

Perhaps you already know WW4U….then help others find their WW4U.

Perhaps you are still searching for your WW4U…never give up, because when you find it you will never look back. Your life of example will help others find theirs.

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