We live in a culture where getting information has never been easier to access—or harder, because of information overload..

The bottom line is who do you trust: the guru inside you, or the guru with the many letters behind a name? The vast, vast world-wide Internet; or Social Media? Your friends?

Bob Dylan wrote a song in 1965 with the lyrics, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.” The father of one of my patients pointed this song out to me recently when we discussed this issue of where to best get our information from.

Not so long ago I told a friend of mine, an engineer, while walking on a sidewalk in San Francisco and observing the deep diversity of people living there, that I teach my life coach clients to trust their hearts, their inner wisdom, their 6 th sense or in the parenting world, the mother’s instinct. My friend, who I respect, was quick to share his views which were that we cannot trust our hearts, because they are evil and prone to making mistakes. I said nothing and pondered politely.

Later it dawned on me. In order to trust our hearts and rely less on weathermen to tell us which way the wind blows, we have to guard our hearts with all diligence, because our hearts (spiritual, inner wisdom), if fed with the right thoughts and data, determine how we arrive at a place of clarity and peace—especially when it comes to the big three challenges of life itself (Relationships, money and health)

Sometimes the way the wind blows is obvious. But sometimes it is less obvious. Trust, but verify. If you want to trust your heart, make sure you have guarded your heart first. Put into your heart wisdom that never changes. Be motivated by love and being truly helpful to yourself and others.

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