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At a recent visit to Road 13 winery located in Southern British Columbia, this sign caught my eyes:

  We all must have a belief in something.     I believe  I’ll have another glass of wine.

It got me thinking………what do you believe in? For example, let’s assume you launched a new project. There will be days when you will feel alone. Nobody will encourage you. In fact the critics may outnumber those who root for you. Few will be in your corner. Your courage to step out of your comfort zone will be frowned upon—especially by those who are jealous of you.

Here is a simple truth I learned in my own journey: If you don’t believe in your projects, why should others believe in them?

Here is my encouragement to you this week: Really, really believe in yourself. God made you for a purpose. You are unique. Only you can run the race you are meant to run.  If others don’t celebrate your project yet, hang in there. Never lose sight of why the project can help others. Live by example.

By the way if you don’t drink wine, be sure to have something else to savor…..a book, a bath, your yoga carpet, your study, your easy chair…..whatever keeps your energy from leaking out of you like air leaks out of an balloon over time.

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