Your Exercise Environment Matters

I got up before dark today and took the NY Subway to Rockefeller Plaza.

Then the fun began….running toward Central Park along Fith Avenue

Central Park is my favorite place on the planet. I met a fellow runner who was out with his dog. He asked if I ran the New York marathon. I said I did; my third ever in NYC and number 79 overall.

The highlight of the run was when I ran by the reservoir. From the East side I was looking West. I saw the buildings along Central Park West reflect the golden sunshine back onto the reservoir. I had to stop and soak it in. Its one of those moments when one stops and expresses gratitude for being alive, being able to exercise and thinking about what one wants out of life.

I am not sure what specifically you want from your life, but whatever that is make sure of two things:

—Ensure you exercise daily.

—Be sure its in a place where your environment is energizing. Vitality flows steadily if you do that. In my case I am taking great memories of New York City with me back to Canada.

By the way, on the way back I stopped by the Today Show, shook Al Roker’s hand and saw former President Bill Clinton doing a live interview. 

Taking a subway back to my hotel, the song New York New York flashed through my mind. Indeed….if you can make it here you can make it anywhere!

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