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The movie “The Vow” is one great example of how Hollywood can inspire. It is based on a true story.

A recently wed couple is involved in a very serious car accident. The wife sustains massive brain injuries and has less than a one percent chance to survive. Doctors tell her husband she will end up with serious brain damage. In fact she loses her short term memory and does not even know she was married.

He stays loyal to her and keeps his wedding vows. The movie is about how they date each other and fall in love again.

Recently I saw a clip with this couple on the Today show. One thing stood out: the example they are to their children. Talk about living a life by example

Christ taught that our yes be yes and our no be no—keep your promises is what he taught. The question many ask themselves after seeing “The Vow” is What would I have done in a similar position?

Good question to ask when it comes to all the various areas of your life where you made a promise. And even Hollywood, which we frequently accuse of being superficial, is impressed when someone does the right thing.

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