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Imagine this….you go for a brisk walk and then guess how many calories you burnt. Then you are allowed to go for a meal. You deserve it right? You did not sit on the sofa after all!

Then you guess how many calories you consumed.

The difference between perception and reality will be mindboggling when you read this:.

Dr Eric Doucet, an Ottawa professor, published research in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness. He showed that people who burned 200 calories by brisk walking  thought they burned 800 calories! (Brisk walking is walking fast to catch a bus or walking to a washroom to find a toilet when your bladder is “bursting”),

But when they ate a meal after their workout they ate 360 calories more than what they actually burned exercising.

Over time this disconnect adds up and as he mentions “You have two Oreo cookies and your workout is pretty much annihilated”

I find one solution to the above issue is to look at a resource such as the book “The Diet Detective’s Count Down”. It will tell you how much you have to dance, swim, run, walk, bike or how much yoga you have to do to burn off the calories you consume.

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