Frustrated, fatigued and unfulfilled?

Being a physician used to bring you fulfillment, but now you feel frustrated and overwhelmed. There are not enough hours in the day and the pressure is mounting.  Are you speeding towards burnout and don’t know how to put on the brakes before it’s too late?
Where did the joy go?  And how do you get it back?

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In my 30 plus years as a pediatrician, I’ve witnessed countless colleagues fall by the wayside under incredible stress, unending exhaustion and deep unhappiness in their career path.  It has destroyed their health, family, peace and future.   Over the years I’ve learned key strategies to avoid physician burnout and keep moving forward daily towards joy, fulfillment and balance.   My mission as a fellow physician, speaker and certified life coach is to empower you to avoid burnout so you can sleep better, stress less and move forward daily in joy and fulfillment.

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