Not so long ago, while out training to run my 100th marathon, I was struck by an idea.

In order to truly move forward in an area of life which matters to you, there are three critical stages.

Step one:
Become aware. Wake up to a truth or revelation which always has been there, but like a dirty window blocks the view of the moon high above, it may be time to remove the dirt and see what was there all along. For example there may have been a fruit and vegetable supplement all along but only now do you discover it as a healthier alternative to a multi vitamin.

Step two:
Take action. Do something about the awareness. As a doctor I have observed how many of my patients who want to lose weight become aware of resources but for some reason they fail to take action and place those resources into action.

Step three:
Sustain what you started. Few marathon runners will run 99% of the 26.2 miles and then quit. They may not run but they will move forward slowly and eventually cross the finish line and get a well-deserved medal. And so it is with us when we have mastered steps one and two. We want to sustain the changes.

It is that simple.