Not so long ago I met a fine pediatrician in New York. I was in my favorite city to talk about physician wellness.

Ron is a great clinician and an academic doctor who teaches at NYU. I met him when he taught yoga—one of his many other interests.

Ron said a few words that will stick with me for a long time. My hope is it may stick in your mind also.

“There are days when simply sitting on my mat for a long time is enough.” Just being. No doing. Being fully present and in the moment.

I have observed that those with the most energy, joy and enthusiasm have their own unique mats. They have discovered a tool that keeps them vitalized. For Ron it may be his yoga mat. For me its running every day of my life. For my colleague it is his golf. For others it may be singing in a choir or being alone in nature snapping close up pictures of wild animals.

Do you also have a your own, unique mat? How does it serve you daily? Is it your refuge—a place to refuel and to be reborn? Or do you wish you had such a tool, hoping that one day you will indeed find it?

Many of us are busy and perhaps some of us are too busy to start fresh. We endure the daily dust of living. We die a slow death.

Bob Dylan once said it so well: “He who is not busy being born is busy dying.”

The good news is that we lack inner joy and peace we can always choose again. Choose a new mat, or choose the old mat, but with a new perspective.

And once you “get it”, simply be and enjoy the moment, moving forward from a place of dying to a place being born again.


Practical Tool

Stressed out and getting closer to wanting a huge break from relentless things to do, while the pile is getting higher rather than lower?

Try my 3M method on for size:

· —–Move (find a physical activity you enjoy)
· —–Music
· —– Meditate