“What day are you on today?” is a question I often get asked.


About nine years ago, I decided to start a streaking habit. And here is the naked truth…. I love it.


No day is complete without maintaining my streaking habit.  This habit goes more than skin deep.  


But before you laugh, frown or be disappointed in my “weird” habit, allow me to explain why I streak.


I streak because my streak of uninterrupted running over almost nine years taught me a valuable lesson: daily rituals help us show up not for the sake of showing up, but as fully dressed.


Every morning we get dressed, and then for many of us every morning starts with a cup of coffee, to stimulate our bodies. (One of my favorite rituals is to see if I can break the record I set in San Francisco at a conference. I passed a Starbucks and the line-up was as long as the length of two tennis courts. Clearly there were many who patiently stood there, waiting for the morning fix)


So by now you get it. We all streak. We all get dressed and we all wake up—some easier than others! For some, coffee is a daily habit, just to get going.


I have found that a morning ritual sets the tone for my best days. As a holistic clinician, I always seek homeostasis—a balance between spirit, mind and body.

Every day I run. Most days I meditate. There are so many ways to run and also so many ways to meditate.


My encouragement to you this week is to not believe me, but to try for yourself and see if meditation works. Establish your own customized routine at a time that works for you.



By saying find a time that works for you I am reminded of a speaker at a prayer breakfast who told the audience “There are only two kinds of people in life. Morning people and those who hate them.”


So if you are not a morning person, do not worry. Have a ritual at another time of the day.


And who knows, it may just work for you and then you and I will belong to the Streakers Association, where the membership is growing day by day. So be daily.  Be balanced.     Move forward and do it with the WWW4U method (What-works-well-for-you method).