When I launched this blog, I did it as an experienced doctor. I finished medical school in 1979. My goal is to share what I learned over the years. I suppose it sets me apart from inexperienced bloggers, but that is not the point.

The point is that I want the ideas shared here to work for you.

So this week there are two ideas that are brief and doable. I got them from another experienced doctor, Dr. Ron Epstein. I have tried it in my office. It works for me. May it work for you.

1. The first two minutes

When walking into an exam room so many doctors go straight to the computer and the electronic records of the patient. Don’t! Instead determine that for the first two minutes you will simply connect with the patient verbally and by eye contact—with compassion and sincere interest in the human being in front of you.

2. The door knob

Before you enter the exam room spend 15 seconds and set an intention for the interaction. For example, if you are an expert in nutrition, set an intention that you will share a practical idea with the patient. If you are a lung specialist share an idea on how breathing for 30 seconds, mindfully can reduce stress.


It is amazing how 15 seconds or two minutes, added up daily, and then weekly, and then monthly, can make you good at this.


Consistency is key. I know. Today, as I type this, I am on day 3276 of running daily. Now if I can only get to day 3276 of applying the above I will feel so much better!

But patience with self is key. It is called self-compassion. In a future blog I will tell you more about Dr Neff who is the guru on self-compassion. This week its about the first two minutes and the door knob.


Keep moving closer to enjoying each day as a doctor more and more—not less and less. In short…..Move Forward.