When a peer of mine was asked how he likes his job, his answer was a lovely line I shall always treasure at my core:

“It is lots better than working”

By now you may have noticed that there are many, many resources out there to help prevent burnout.

The Buddha taught that all things are directly or indirectly interconnected. That is why I passionately believe in being holistic, as a coach, author and doctor.

By holistic I mean approaching all of life—our work included—with a proper balance between caring for the body, the mind and the spirit. This is who I am. This is what moving forward daily is all about.

I have observed doctors who pay close attention to their bodies and intellect, and yet they burn out. I wonder if it could be that two of the three gears that help us move forward are working just fine, but one is not yet engaged. The spiritual part is dormant or forgotten.

Spiritual may mean many things to a diversity of professionals. To me it means simply this:

Be kind and know that Love is far better than Fear.

So, in order to view your job as lots better than working, let us all pick one moment in the week ahead and determine to be truly helpful to our patients—even in the smallest way possible.

It is not my place to dispense advice on how you should cultivate a spiritual path. But one thing I know for sure. Inside each of us is the potential to be truly helpful—to be delivering our cargo with joy and energy, because we are motivated by loving kindness.

My spiritual mentor, the late Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, used to say “Get out of yourself” and then added this: “Each of us can expect astonishing results when we seize the opportunity to help someone else. And in the right spirit, it makes us feel good.”

Living this way is a lot better than working. A lot better than feeling negative toward our job. It can make us all feel good as Dr. Peale wrote.

See the bigger picture. Move forward—engage all three gears!